The Altitude Collective

On Coronavirus

Episode Summary

In this episode, Meiko elevates the conversation all around the topic that is affecting us all, Coronavirus or COVID-19. Dr. Farhan Malik, Registered Dietician Cassandra Sampson, and Transformation Coach Charissa Saindon joins Meiko in a conversation about the virus and it's effect on us.

Episode Notes

In addition to hand washing and disinfectants, people are looking for more innovative ways to help protect themselves against the coronavirus. 

It’s no secret that food can be used to support our immune system and enhance our mental health.  Decades of research has confirmed that certain nutrients in food have powerfully medicinal benefits. However, food choices are just one piece of the puzzle. Getting good quality sleep, managing stress, being active and of course washing your hands all play a pivotal role in impacting our immune function and mental health.  

Research studies: